There are hundreds of things that you need to know and check off your list before you are able to pull that first building permit.

Some of these things include:

  • Zoning Current and Future
  • Title and Ownership Issues
  • Survey Issues, Easements, Etc.
  • Land Use Approvals or Future Comp Plan
  • Development Plan Approval Process
  • Water Management District Approval Process
  • Wetland issues, Permit or Mitigation Requirements
  • Availability of Utilities, ie irrigation, water, sewer, phone, cable television, gas, etc.
  • Solis Conditions
  • Proper dedicated access to the site
  • Topographic for drainage flow
  • Flood Zones and Flood Plain
  • Hurricane surge zones
  • Neighborhood reaction about your development
  • Hazardous Waste Issues
  • Endangered species identification and mitigation

The due diligence study will quite often involve several specialists: engineers, biologists, archaeologists, surveyors, planners and lawyers.

It is also impossible to accurately predict how long it will take to do all of the necessary studies, engineering, permit applications, public hearings and other milestones along the way to a successful development.

A good due diligence study can, however, minimize the risks inherent in buying raw land.

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